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You have finally set the date for your wedding and you are excited for the big day. Your luxury wedding planner is doing most of the legwork but for your wedding to go off without a hitch, you need a good supplier who will provide you with flowers, favors, table decorations, invitations, cutlery and all the knick-knacks seen with a typical wedding. Where do you find a good wedding supplier just for your particular needs? 

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We've created a short list of tips that will help you find several wedding suppliers immediately.

Wedding websites and magazines

These are the best place to start with as the advertisement section will contain the largest collection of wedding suppliers for your particular country. We recommend you try local wedding websites to find affordable wedding suppliers. For example, if you are based in the UK, try UK-based websites and magazines to find local dealers and agents.

Trade directories

International trade directories are great as well as will be able to locate suppliers from half way across the world. As you are buying from another country, there is a chance that the currency conversion rate will work in your favor and you will get affordable items. The only problem we see here is that you will have to ship the items to your home and this increases the cost of the goods you have purchased from the wedding supplier.

Word-of-mouth publicity

-- Although you will be able to find great wedding suppliers through online resources, the only way to understand the reputation of the supplier is by word of mouth publicity. Ask around with friends and family members and they might know good supply companies or dealers who provide wedding related equipment, materials and goods.


Not everyone will have friends and family who can refer good wedding suppliers. In such cases, you can go online to wedding forums and ask questions. Brides-to-be and new wedded couples will be happy to help you. However, a word of caution about online recommendations read the reviews but make sure that you take a decision only after considering cost and facilities provided by the supplier.

Check social media

Social media websites are a great place to find good wedding planners. People may tweet about their weddings and post pictures about their weddings. You can easily check the quality of items and get in touch with the wedding supplier quickly by contacting the person and asking for personal details.

Read personal wedding blogs

Its now trendy to have your own wedding blog maintained by the bride or relatives of the bride and groom. You should read these websites as much as possible to get ideas, information, advice and recommendations regarding wedding suppliers, themes for your wedding and even ideas for your wedding dress as well.

Once you've found good wedding suppliers get in touch with them individually and ask for a catalog. Inquire about costs, prices and delivery rates. Most suppliers are willing to deliver and set up the equipment you are ordering. They will also negotiate on costs and deposits.